The Hellenistic Astrology Course

Learn the history, philosophy, and techniques of ancient astrology | taught by Chris Brennan

Course description

Hellenistic astrology is a tradition of astrology that was practiced in the Mediterranean region from the 1st century BC through the 7th century AD, roughly coinciding with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. It is the original tradition of western astrology, and many of the techniques that are employed by modern western astrologers today originated during the Hellenistic period.

The purpose of the Hellenistic Astrology Course is to learn about where the techniques of the western astrological tradition came from, how they were originally used, and how they can be applied more effectively in practice today.

The course is divided into 13 parts, and provides a detailed overview of the history, philosophy, and techniques of ancient astrology. It is presented entirely online through a private website that each student gains access to upon registering. The majority of the lessons in the course are presented through an innovative video lecture format, which is complemented by chart examples, diagrams, and other written materials.

New students can begin the course at any time using one of the buttons at the top or bottom of this page in order to register for the course. Shortly after you register for the course you will receive an email with your login information for the course site.

The course contains over 100 hours of lectures on basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques, providing a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of western astrology. The course primarily focuses on natal astrology, and students will finish the course with a strong foundation in how to interpret birth charts in a systematic and effective manner.

The only required text for the course is Chris Brennan's book Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune, which can be ordered in either print or ebook versions. All other required reading materials are provided through the course site itself.

Who is the course designed for, and what are the benefits?

The Hellenistic Astrology Course is primarily designed for students and practitioners of modern western astrology who feel like they have gone as far as they can go with that approach, and are looking for something more. 

It can also be useful for newer students of astrology who want to build a strong foundation with their studies right from the start, taking them from basic concepts through intermediate and advanced techniques.

Here are some considerations to help determine if the course is right for you:

  • If you are looking for a systematic method for interpreting birth charts.
  • If you would like to learn how to determine specific information about both the nature and the course of a person’s life.
  • If you want to demystify the process of integrating the different components of a horoscope and learn how to achieve chart synthesis.
  • If you are looking for a more accurate and consistent form of astrology that can be used to predict events.
  • If you want to know where astrology came from and what its technical and conceptual foundations are.

Most of all, the course is designed for those who want to become better astrologers, both by teaching you how to utilize the techniques you already know more effectively, as well as by introducing you to new techniques that can do things that you didn’t even know were possible.

What do you get when you sign up for the course?

Here are some of the things that you get access to immediately upon signing up for the course:

  • 100+ hours of video lectures on the history, philosophy, and techniques of Hellenistic astrology. The core material of the course is centered around the lectures, which include PowerPoint slides, diagrams, chart examples, and more.
  • Hundreds of chart examples, so that you can learn both the theory and the practice underlying the techniques, and see how to apply them in real-life situations.
  • Dozens of downloadable diagrams in PDF format which help to explicate technical concepts. Here is an example of a diagram which illustrates the concepts of planetary enclosure and intervention.
  • Guided readings of translations of ancient astrological texts, with primers on basic vocabulary and concepts, in order to allow students to read more advanced material on their own.
  • Access to a private Facebook group exclusively for students of the course, where you can ask questions and discuss concepts related to Hellenistic astrology with other students. This provides ongoing community support, even once you have completed the course.
  • A certificate of completion once you have finished the course.

The list of benefits for students of the course expands periodically, as new lectures and other bonus materials are continually added.

Synopsis of Each Part of the Course

Below you will find a brief synopsis of what is covered during each of the 13 parts of the course. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page in order to see some of the different files that are available in the course, and how it is structured.

Part 1: The History of Hellenistic Astrology

The first part of the course provides a broad overview of the history of ancient astrology. In it we explore some of the historical undercurrents which fostered the development of Hellenistic astrology in Greco-Roman Egypt, and how developments in the earlier Mesopotamian and Egyptian astrological traditions led to the introduction of some of the basic technical doctrines, such as the zodiac and the twelve houses. Other topics covered include the mysterious origins of Hellenistic astrology, astrologers whose texts survived from this period, mystery schools present in the early tradition, and an overview of the ongoing efforts to recover the ancient traditions in modern times.

Part 2: The Philosophy of Hellenistic Astrology

The purpose of the second part of the course is to become familiar with the philosophical undercurrents that played a role in the development and practice of Hellenistic astrology. In particular we focus on debates surrounding the mechanism underlying astrology, as well as debates about fate and free-will, and the extent to which things were viewed as predetermined. This part of the course also features coverage of some of the major philosophical schools during this time period and their relationship with astrology, such as Platonism, Aristotelianism, Stoicism, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, and Skepticism.

Part 3: Basic Techniques and Concepts: Planets

In the third part of the course we begin a four-part series on the basic technical doctrines of Hellenistic astrology, with an overview of the ancient approach to dealing with the planets, signs, aspects, and houses. This part of the course sets a foundation for a more precise approach to predictive astrology by introducing a number of basic interpretive principles and distinctions that are either missing from or are not entirely clear in modern astrology. In the section on the planets we deal with concepts such as benefic & malefic, sect, gender, the significations of the planets, and more.

Part 4: Basic Techniques and Concepts: Signs of the Zodiac

In the fourth part of the course we continue our series on basic concepts by focusing on the meaning of the twelve signs of the zodiac. In this part of the course we deal with concepts such as planetary rulerships, gender, triplicity, quadruplicity, precession, and more.

Part 5: Basic Techniques and Concepts: Aspects or Configurations

In the fifth part of the course we continue our series on basic concepts by focusing on the doctrine of aspects or configurations. In this part of the course we cover concepts such as right versus left sided aspects, overcoming versus hurling rays, the quality of the different aspects, and more.

Part 6: Basic Techniques and Concepts: The Twelve Houses or Places

In the fifth part of the course we complete our series on basic concepts by focusing on the doctrine of the twelve places, which are known as "houses" in modern astrology.

In this segment we talk about the origins of the concept of houses, different forms of house division, the rationale for the meanings of the houses, planetary joys, and lots more.

Part 7: The Domicile Lord of the Hour-Marker

In the seventh part of the course you’ll learn how to use the ruler of the Ascendant or “Hour-Marker” in order to determine information about the focus and life direction of the native. This part of the course includes a review of the original conceptualization of the significations of each of the twelve houses.

Part 8: Rulers of the Twelve Places

In the eighth part of the course you will learn how to interpret the rulers of the twelve houses or “places” when they are in houses other than their own. For example, what it means when the ruler of the 7th is in the 10th, or when the ruler of the 11th is in the 9th, and so on.

Part 9: Conditions of Bonification and Maltreatment

In this part of the course you will learn about a special set of considerations for determining planetary condition, known as the conditions of bonification and maltreatment. These 7 conditions allow you to determine how a planet is functioning in a chart, and whether its significations are being affirmed and enhanced, or denied and corrupted.

Part 10: The Lots or “Arabic Parts”

The purpose of the tenth part of the course is to introduce the technical concept known as Lots (kleroi), which are known in modern times as “Arabic Parts.” Lots are mathematical points that are used in a chart in order to study specific topics in a person’s life, and oftentimes they can be the key to understanding things that are otherwise unclear about a person’s life. In particular we will focus on the Lot of Fortune, and discuss the rationale for its calculation, as well as its meaning and uses in chart delineations.

Part 11: Triplicity Rulers of the Sect Light

In the eleventh part of the course you will learn about the concept of rulership by trigon or triplicity, and I will show you how it is used within the context of a specific technique for determining the overall foundation of the nativity known as the triplicity rulers of the sect light. We will also introduce some of our first timing techniques, which are timing the activation of certain placements through planetary periods and ascensional times.

Part 12: Time-Lord Techniques: Annual Profections

The purpose of the twelfth part of the course is to introduce the concept of time-lord techniques, and to focus on one technique in particular known as Annual Profections.

The premise of the Hellenistic time-lord techniques is that not all placements in a given natal chart are operating at their fullest potential at any given moment in time. Instead, there are specific periods in a native’s life when certain planets or sectors in the chart become activated, thus drawing out the latent potential of those natal placements.

Annual Profections are used in order to determine which planets will be activated in a native’s life in a given year, which allows astrologers to pinpoint the most important transits that will coincide with specific events. Profections can be used in order to determine what some of the primary themes are that will arise during the course of the year, as well as whether the year will tend to be experienced as more positive or more challenging.

Part 13: Advanced Time-lord Techniques: Zodiacal Releasing

In the thirteenth part of the course you will learn about a more advanced time-lord technique known as Zodiacal Releasing, which is one of the most impressive and powerful time-lord systems that has been recovered from the Hellenistic tradition to date.

Zodiacal Releasing divides a person’s life into chapters and paragraphs, as if the life was a book, and you were able to read the narrative of the native’s life like you would read the outline of a biography.

Each chapter in a native’s life begins with the activation of a specific planet as a time-lord, as well as the sign of the zodiac ruled by that planet.

Once all of the time-lord periods for a person’s life have been calculated, the technique can be used to identify periods of heightened importance and activity with respect to the native’s overall career and life direction, otherwise known as “peak periods.” The technique also provides information about which periods of the native’s life will tend to be experienced as the most subjectively positive or negative, career transitions, and other important life turning points.

When used in coordination with other techniques taught in the course, Zodiacal Releasing provides astrologers with a powerful method for determining information about the course of a native’s life, and becomes an indispensable tool for predicting the future.

Final Test and Bonus Content

At the end of the course is an optional final written test. If you pass the test, then you will receive a certificate of completion for the course.

There is also some bonus content available at the end of the course, which includes recordings of some different webinars from question and answer sessions, and some other bonus lectures.

For a full list of all of the files available in the course and the general course curriculum, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Study At Your Own Pace

After registering for the course each student gains access to the private website that contains all of the course materials. Since the course is presented online, each person is able to adapt it to fit their own schedule, and there are no specific times that students need to be available for the course, so you can study at your own pace.

Students may choose to participate in the class and get feedback by asking questions or participating in the private discussion forum, or by completing automated multiple choice quizzes at the end of each section of the course.

For many people the main purpose of the course is simply to gain access to the lectures and study material, and for that reason the completion of assignments is not required.

Those who do complete all of the quizzes and pass the final test at the end of the course will receive a certificate of completion.

Accessing the Course

The entire course is presented online through a private course site that each student gains access to after they sign up. New students can register and gain access to the course site at any time.

When a new student registers for the course they will receive a user name and a password shortly thereafter by email, and at that point they will be able to log in to the course site and begin studying at their leisure.

A broadband internet connection is required for the course in order to stream video lecture files that would take a while on slower connections.

Registering for the Course

The price for the Hellenistic Astrology Course is $497.

To purchase the course please use one of the “buy now” buttons located on this page. 

After completing your payment you will receive an email which contains instructions for getting started with the course. 

If you have any questions about the course then please contact Chris Brennan via email at:

Chris Brennan
Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan is a professional astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, and the former Research Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He specializes in ancient astrology, and is the author of a book on the subject titled Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Since 2012 he has been the host of an award-winning weekly show called The Astrology Podcast. For more information about his work visit

Chris can be contacted by email at:

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Reviews (25)

Well designed and easy to use!

by Nathan McCortney
Excellent layout and course design. So much information is included to make for a thorough investigation of ancient Hellenistic Astrology. I did not find myself with very many unanswered questions - every detail was accounted for and easily referenced. Some overlap in material exists but for the benefit of the student to ensure all aspects of study are included. After finishing entire course, I feel ready and able to read natal charts using the whole-sign house system without hesitation and any questions I have are readily answered. If you are looking for an very articulate teacher of astrology, I would recommend Chris Brennan's course - it will surely satisfy those willing to immerse themselves in the stars!

Great way to learn and understand basics and advanced techinques of Hellenestic Astrology

by Vesna Stajduhar
Wow...Chris Brennan has really worked hard on this and it is really noticeable. Very in depth lectures, so many examples, elegantly paced course with calming voice to guide you. I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to trying out the other courses offered by Chris. All of the books recommended and programs are necessary to fully understand Hellenistic Astrology. Of course practice makes perfect so take your time. Recommended for anyone who wants to explore either basics or in-depth view of Astrology.

by Waasay Daniyal
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Well designed and easy to use!

by Nathan McCortney
Excellent layout and course design. So much information is included to make for a thorough investigation of ancient Hellenistic Astrology. I did not find myself with very many unanswered questions - every detail was accounted for and easily referenced. Some overlap in material exists but for the benefit of the student to ensure all aspects of study are included. After finishing entire course, I feel ready and able to read natal charts using the whole-sign house system without hesitation and any questions I have are readily answered. If you are looking for an very articulate teacher of astrology, I would recommend Chris Brennan's course - it will surely satisfy those willing to immerse themselves in the stars!

Great way to learn and understand basics and advanced techinques of Hellenestic Astrology

by Vesna Stajduhar
Wow...Chris Brennan has really worked hard on this and it is really noticeable. Very in depth lectures, so many examples, elegantly paced course with calming voice to guide you. I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to trying out the other courses offered by Chris. All of the books recommended and programs are necessary to fully understand Hellenistic Astrology. Of course practice makes perfect so take your time. Recommended for anyone who wants to explore either basics or in-depth view of Astrology.

by Waasay Daniyal

Highly Recommended

by Rebecca Bray
This course is extremely comprehensive, covering the history and foundations of many astrological techniques, as well as more advanced techniques such as zodiacal releasing. I am self-taught and started off learning a very new-agey type of astrology. I was missing a lot of the basic grounding and was getting lost and confused. This course has filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge. Not only that but it will make it easier for me to remember, because I now know the logic behind the attributions such as the exhaltations. The many example charts given bring the techniques to life and make it interesting. Chris explains things really clearly. The Facebook group is also useful to connect with other students, have any questions or you want to share your findings and ideas. I'm really glad I decided to invest in this course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a down to earth approach to astrology.

Building a Strong Foundation

by Sindy Schönherr
If you aim to study and understand the roots of western astrology than Chris Brennan's Hellenistic Astrology Course is what you are looking for. The content of this course is extensive yet well-structured. Detailed theory and practical examples go hand in hand when it comes to the various techniques of ancient astrology. This course is not only teaching methods but illuminates in great detail the premises behind them. The Hellenistic Astrology Course helps to build a strong foundation in understanding the mechanics of astrology and applying its techniques in practice. I went through the course with great enthusiasm and thank Chris for his well-organized and comprehensive teachings!

Amazing source of information and techniques

by Susan Aventi
This course is invaluable. So much information in one place. And! I especially love that new videos pop up! I am so pleased that I chose this course. I absolutely recommend it for serious students of traditional, event based astrology.

by Sally Heal

Excellent Course!

by Cameron Hanover
I learned SOOO much. Learning Hellenistic Astrology has given me an excellent foundation to grow as a horoscopic astrologer. My delineations and predictions are much more accurate now. This course has given me the confidence I lacked in astrology. The only thing I wish it included was a little one-on-one time with Chris, but that, I know, is a big ask.

Pretty much *the* course everyone should be taking.

by Theresa Andersen
It's all here, and without it, you're nothing.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hellenistic Astrology, and more...

by Rhys Chatham
My introduction to traditional astrology was through Demetra George’s workshops “Traditional Astrology 101 and 201”, which are based on her book, “Astrology and the Authentic Self”. My appetite thus whetted, I wanted to go further, so I took Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology course. This course contains a thorough explanation of the history and all the technical basics of Hellenistic astrology, as well as subjects which are not basic at all. By the time I had completed the course, I was able to delineate a natal chart in an authentically Hellenistic fashion. Everything from trigon lords to profections to solar revolutions to zodiacal releasing is fully explained in the included video lectures and written materials. Quizzes are provided in order to test one’s progress. I highly recommend this course.

Excellent in Every Way

by Alec Senese
Excellent Course for the Beginner, Intermediate, or even Advanced Astrologer. The author is clear, engaging, and most of all, knowledgeable. You will get your money's worth for this course if you put in the time!

The Real Astrology

by Maria Ntouni
A very thorough and organized course! Thank you Chris!

More than you expect and then some!

by Sam Belyea
After studying modern astrology for twelve years I was skeptical of what Hellenistic could bring into my practice. But I loved Chris' podcast and he is so knowledgeable, so I took the plunge to learn from the best. All I can say is WOW! I loved the extensive length of each lesson, the additional resources, the way Chris breaks down each technique and concept through multiple repetitions of basic and advanced ideas. If you are a serious student of astrology, this online course is your next move. Hands down. Thank you Chris for all you continue to provide for the community.

Dedication and Integrity

by Raquelle Puchol
The amount of content hours, lectures, slides, and articles embedded in the Hellenistic course is an invaluable investment for both the student of astrology looking beyond late 20th century/ modern astrology and the seasoned astrologer who would like to explore Hellenistic astrology. Chris Brennan’s dedication to preserving traditional astrology in a manner that is accessible, practical, and affordable is part of what makes this course exceptional. Upon completion of this course, the wealth of information gained can be easily applied to the astrologer’s consultation practice, a blessing for both the practitioner and client.

Life Changing!

by Gary Mitchell
I purchased Chris's Hellenistic Astrology course in 2014. I slowly worked my way up toward the end of the course; I only had the Zodiacal Releasing section to go. When Chris launched the "new course" I took the opportunity to go back through it all from the beginning. I am now four hours into the zodiacal releasing section and have about fourteen hours to go to complete that section. After only four hours I can say that the zodiacal releasing section really brings things together and that it alone is easily worth the price of the course. I have also purchased Chris's Electional and Horary Astrology courses and look forward to getting into those soon! Chris Brennan has truly done an outstanding job of authoring these courses. Thanks, Chris!

Highly recommended - a fascinating and immersive learning experience, with a generous and insightful teacher.

by Mark Tapnack
Chris Brennan's course sets a very high standard for online study programs full stop. It is comprehensive, clear and the support is fantastic. I have a background in psychoanalysis and have been dabbling with astrology for a few years now. This is the first time that I feel confident enough to delineate a nativity / natal chart without all the smoke and mirrors and psychobabble. There is much that I still want to learn, but I know where to go and what to do. The course represents real $ value too - it is obviously driven by passion to teach and not profiteering. From my perspective this a no-brainer not only for someone interested in so-called Traditional Astrology, but for anyone serious about Horoscopic Astrology in general. May the stars be ever in your favor :)

The Hellenistic Astrology Course: absolutely fabulous!

by Hellen Vos
At the end of last year I finished Chris Brennans Hellenistic Astrology Course and got my Certificate of Completion. I loved following the lessons and the way Chris explained everything. Although I am from the Netherlands and English is not my home language, I had no problems following Chris. His calm voice, together with the slides and the handouts made it a pleasure to listen to him . It was really fun to do the tests and receiving his corrections, just like having a private teacher. If you want to learn the basics of Hellenistic Astrology in an easy way and in your own tempo, register for the Hellenistic Astrology Course. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did and it is worth every dollar. The course, together with Chris' book ' Hellenistic Astrology, the study of fate and fortune' are an absolute must for everyone interested in the Western horoscopic astrology. Hellen Vos

Top of the Game

by Lara Boshoff
It's great that I have access to these well-structured expert course materials, to learn from at my own pace, or as a reference when I need it. I would highly recommend this course.

Course for open minds

by Tania Daniels
I did the whole course in nearly 1 year. The content is well organized and fully referenced, wh'ich I appreciated particularly. The multitude of practical examples is amazing, even if many are used several times for different purposes. Chris' voice is clear and he speaks slowly (but not too much either and thus not becoming boring), which makes the course easly audible also for non native speakers. I liked the audio format which permits also listening without looking all the time at the slides. A minus point is that (when I did the course), it was impossible to follow it on the mobile phone, but I think, Chris is changing this. The last three lessons are far the best ones. The material is complex and working through the old textbooks (required readings) along with this course makes study (and thus one's personel discoverings) awesome. At some point, I proposed to create a study group, an idea immediatly taken up and realized by many of us. This is becoming a very interesting discussion forum, where we meet once a month online. Chris Brennan appreciated this idea and pushed it forward and now it is kind of part of the course, where students of all levels can discuss and give presentations. This openess to new ideas and projects is the best part of the Hellenistic Astrology course, which I truly recommend.

Hellenistic Course

by Babette Sindram
Great course, very well substantiated. Also easy to understand for foreigners whose English is not perfect like me.


by Yves Calderone
This course is a comprehensive survey of the history, philosophy and practice of Hellenistic astrology. Chris' elucidation of the material is clear and easy to follow. He has an ability to explain complex and nuanced concepts in a way that makes them accessible to students of all levels. Chris draws on the latest scholarship as well as an array of primary and secondary sources and numerous chart examples to bring to life this important part of the astrological tradition. Chris is supportive and personable; he makes himself available to answer any questions in a timely and thorough manner. Additionally, I have benefited from the amazingly supportive, global, community of students on the forum who have, on more than one occasion, helped me through the course material and provided additional observations and insights. I highly recommend this course to all those interested in deepening their knowledge and appreciation of astrology.

A Gift from Heaven

by Marion van der Graaf
This Course is really fabulous. It is extremely well structured. The explanation is crystal clear. There are tons of examples. The course is taught with inspiring enthusiasm, and it has a beautiful layout. The audio-visual method is very appealing . It has to be mentioned that Chris has a very very nice voice which makes the many hours of listening to the audio-material, a truly peaceful thing instead of a torture to the ears, which very unfortunately is so often the case. Starting as an introductory course, and very very useful as such, it has been developed now to a complete course, which is fantastic. To rate it 5 stars would' t do justice to this course. In fact it sits on lonely heights I am quite sure that this course, as well as the now accompanying and quite unique book on Hellenistic Astrology, will take their place in the history and practice of Hellenistic Astrology, and very deservedly so! Thank you Chris. Marion van der Graaf, the Netherlands

The Hellenistic Astrology Course by Chris

by Petr Radek
I can only say: It is a very inspiring course. He gives a very comprehensive overview of the basics of Hellenistic astrology. Together with the book, Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune, it will give you access to the secrets of Hellenic astrology. Petr Radek


by Daniel Larkin
I came to this course with a million questions. As someone who had begun to learn modern astrology and passed the first level NCGR test, I keep asking myself about the origins and history of astrology. Where does the astrology we use today come from? Where do the signs come from? Why is Saturn malefic and Jupiter benefic? What is the oldest astrological text known? This course answered all of my questions. It opened my eyes to the origins, history and philosophy of the astrology during the Hellenistic era and the Roman empire. It enhanced my practice as a professional astrologer. It gave me a deeper appreciation for the historical arc of astrology since ancient times. The facebook group allowed me to connect with other astrologers interested in the revival of Hellenistic astrology from around the globe. I highly recommend it for all astrologers.

Revived From More than Two Thousand Years into the Past!

by Victor Rosillo
"The Hellenistic Astrology Course", Included and complemented with The Book "Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune", is Chris Brennan's "Obra Maestra". Profoundly researched -historically and technically- analyzed, synthesized, brought into sense and order. Finally, revived after more than two thousand years; Hellenistic Astrology can be seriously, methodically studied and applied, by following Chris Brennan's "The Hellenistic Astrology Course" which, with its abundant didactic materials, takes you step by step, by the hand, into the wonderful, ominous world of Hellenistic Astrology.