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Learn how to find auspicious times | taught by Chris Brennan

Course description

The Electional Astrology Course teaches students how to use astrology to select auspicious times to begin new ventures and undertakings. The course combines both ancient and modern approaches in order to provide an effective system for applying electional astrology in practice.

This seven-part course is presented online through a private course site that each student gains access to upon registering, and the lectures are presented through an innovative video format.

Synopsis of Each Part of the Course

The course is divided into seven parts, and the main focus of each part is a two to three hour lecture which presents the main concepts for that section of the course.

Part 1: The History and Philosophy of Electional Astrology

The course begins with a discussion of the history and philosophy of electional astrology, in order to provide some context for the practice of the subject. Topics discussed include: the different branches of astrology, the historical development of western astrology, philosophical issues related to electional astrology such as fate versus free-will, and more.

Part 2: Prerequisite Concepts and Techniques

The second part of the course covers prerequisite concepts and techniques that you need to know in order to practice electional astrology. This involves an extended discussion of some specific concepts that relate to the fourfold system of planets, signs, houses and aspects. It also includes a discussion of specific planetary configurations that result in “affliction”, as well as the corollary concept known as “bonification”.

Part 3: The Core Rules of Electional Astrology

The third part of the course outlines the core concepts and rules of electional astrology, and provides the student with a set of guidelines to use when trying to select an auspicious electional chart.

Part 4: Applying Electional Astrology in Practice

The fourth part of the course focuses on demonstrating how to apply the rules of electional astrology in practice. This involves an analysis of a two month period and the selection of several auspicious elections from that period, using the rules that were outlined previously.

Part 5: Learning From Past Elections

The fifth part of the course contains a commentary on a series of examples of electional and inceptional charts from the past, in order to demonstrate the end result of the practical application of the principles outlined in the course.

Part 6: Incorporating Natal Charts

Part six of the features a discussion between Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim about how to incorporate natal charts into your workflow when trying to find an auspicious electional chart. This includes a discussion about what factors to pay attention to in the natal chart, as well as how to prioritize the ones that are the most important.

Part 7: Recordings from the Auspicious Elections Podcast

Part seven of the course contains some webinar recordings from the Auspicious Elections podcast by Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim. In these recordings Chris and Leisa pick four auspicious elections each month and then talk about the pros and cons of the charts they found. This expands on the previous part of the course by showing how some of the rules of electional astrology are actually applied in practice.

Study At Your Own Pace

The entire course is presented online through a private course site that each student gains access to upon registering. New students can register and gain access to the course site at any time.

Since the course is presented online, there are no specific times that students need to be available for the course, and each person is able to study at their own pace.

Shortly after you register for the course you will receive a user name and a password by email, and at that point you will be able to log in to the course site and begin studying at your leisure.

A broadband internet connection is required for the course in order to download audio files that would take a while on slower connections.

Signing up for the Course

The price for the Electional Astrology Course is $275 USD.

You can register for the course by clicking one of the "buy" buttons located on this page.

After completing your payment you will receive an email with your login information for the course site, as well as some instructions for getting started.

If you have any questions about the course then please contact Chris Brennan at

Chris Brennan
Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan is a professional astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, and the former Research Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He specializes in ancient astrology, and is the author of a book on the subject titled Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Since 2012 he has been the host of an award-winning weekly show called The Astrology Podcast. For more information about his work visit

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Part 6: Incorporating Natal Charts
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Reviews (5)

by Sally Heal

by Susan Scarbrough

by Ange Lina
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by Sally Heal

by Susan Scarbrough

by Ange Lina

Excellent course

by Rhys Chatham
I started the course with a sketchy knowledge of electional techniques. After taking the course, I'm doing electional charts up there with the best of them! Well, that's probably going too far, but I certainly feel comfortable doing them now. The course is in four parts first dealing with a bit of the background and history as well as the philosophical concepts which are raised in the practice electional astrology, highly interesting. Then we go into a thorough review of the basic techniques and terms that are used, so if you don't know what a combust Sun is, don't worry! It will be covered along with all the other basics you will need. Then we get to the rules and procedures of electional astrolgy itself, and at that pont, you'll probably be itching to do your own (and you will), but there is more! In the final lecture Chris Brennan goes over many example charts with us, so we are able to see the techniques put into practice. All to say that I highly recommend this course.

Well done, Extremely helpful

by Horace Jones
I found this to be an impressive course. Chris explains the concepts clearly and offers exhaustive discussion of the definition and application of the concepts. I'm currently listening to some of it again to fill in some understanding that I missed the 1st time. This is a really good course and Chris is a really good teacher.